On a Mission with Ellie Mckay

Talking Shit with Paul Mort

January 12, 2021

Wow, what an episode!


This week I am so excited to chat with the fabulous “Mr Unstoppable” Paul Mort.  Now he is renowned for being a straight-talking, high performing leader of businessmen but that wasn’t always the case. Formerly suicidal, from the outside Paul had a life that most people aspire to. A beautiful family, a successful business, living in a huge villa in the sun but appearances can be deceptive.


Knee deep in drugs, booze and porn, Paul found himself in a very dark place. Diagnosed Bi-Polar and stood on the edge of a cliff, he was ready to end it all...


At that moment Paul knew he had to fight back against his demons, things had to change. He started to get his shit together and through doing that he realised that his life’s purpose was to help others do the same.


His books, courses, videos and content has literally reached the lives of millions of people to reclaim their power and take control without any of the BS.


It’s an absolute belter of an episode, enjoy!



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