On a Mission with Ellie Mckay

Steven Green, the Utter Nutter

January 26, 2021

Another fantastic episode where Ellie is joined by special guest Steven Green. 


From starring down a loaded barrel in his early 20s, Steven went on to become a successful property multi-millionaire and coach.


Ellie delves deep into how Steven has cultivated his bulletproof mindset and he is passionate to help other people do the same. Steven has recently filmed a documentary ‘The Homeless Millionaire’ where he lived on the streets for 7 days with no aid. He even went as far as taking heroin. 


Steven and his family have recently starred in channel 5s ‘Rich house, poor house’ where we all got a fascinated insight into his life. 


This interview is not to be missed. Ellie has some hard-hitting questions ranging from taking heroin right through to orgasms, yes you heard right!!



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